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results after my first Biopsy

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hello forum

i'm a 54 year old hispanic male i have been very healthy and try to keep in physical condition Milatary and Law Enforcement career

i have actively been getting psa blood work for the last 8 to 10 years because of a Family history with 2 Brothers from my Fathers side that had Prostate Cancer.

my numbers began with 1.5 and rose to 4.26 in a period of 5-years, my exams by my Urologist were always a normal size felt of my Prostate .

i had a 4Kscoreblood screening which came back that there could be a 30 % chance of Cancer.


with this information my Urologist suggested i get a Biopsy, this was preformed 3 weeks ago i waited anxiouly for a week and just got my results

a GS 3+3-6 PTI 2% from 1 core of the 12 samples taken on the lower left apex area AdenocarcinomaTumor T1C measures 1.0 mm in Linear length the case is considered grade 1 group.

like many of you i was very concerned and this was addressed with my wife present in our followup meeting.

my Urologist  stated that with the Pathologic findings and low volume of Cancer a genomic testis can not be performed, he is recommending at this point to do nothing and recommended that active Surveillance should be appropriate at this time.

i am sheduled to see him in December to check my psa again and if things change in numbers he will recommend another Biopsy.

please advice what you folks think of the advice i have recieved my wife and i are contemplating a 2nd opinion.


thank you

hopeful and opt...
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It's great that your wife is supporting you and was present since this is a couples disease.

Your doctor has given you good advise to follow an Active Surveillance protocol. The decision to follow the Active Surveillance protocol is not age related, so it is appropriate at age 54. In the thread below, I listed a video by Dr. Klotz, who is the experts expert about Active Surveliellance. In the video he addressed age as far as AS, and stated that it is not age related....(It is important for you to view this video)


Please read through the above thread, check out my "about me" page and get back to us with any questions or concerns.

We are here for you

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Welcome to the board. I think you doing well in getting a second opinion; however, I would probably wait for the next PSA result and listen to the opinion of your present uro that you are meeting in December.

The finding of Gleason 6 in a biopsy with only one core positive out of 12, considers your case as low risk for extraprostatic extensions, therefore a contained case. The last PSA of 4.26 ng/ml is above normal for your age but other reasons apart from the cancer may exist causing the increase. Sex or riding a bike or a tractor, etc, the day before drawing blood can cause an increase of the serum. Hyperplasia or an inflammation can also be behind any increase of the PSA. I wonder what did the pathologist found and what is written in his report. Do you have a copy?

Can you tell us about symptoms or unatural issues you experienced such as urination problems (retention/urgency) or related to sex (ED/abnormal ejaculation), etc ?

Have you done any image exam (CT, MRI, Bone scan)?

Contained cases are very treatable and have high assurances of cure. Any radical treatment would be recommended based on the info you share here. However, AS is also very recomendable for low aggressive cases. It provides control during a long period that can last the whole life of a person.In any case, you got PCa in the family so that the risk in hereditaryconditions is high. Your type of cancer could be judged equal to the ones contracted by your brothers. Their case history may help you in understanding future occurrences. Can you share details of their PCa cases? What was the PSA histology and Gleason score? What treatment did they do? Did they have any initial symptom?

My opinion is that you should wait for additional information on your status, get educated on the issues of the cancer and on the details of each treatment, their riks and side effects, and then decide on an option. Prostate cancer does not become more aggressive or  increase risks overnight. You have time to get more acquainted with the problem. Just do not sleep on the issue.

Best wishes and luck in your journey.


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AS could be a good choice for you. See if you can get a 3T ER MRI with contrast. That will give additional information important in making an informed decision. It can also be used as a guide (fusion biopsy) to get a better shot at sampling the bandit, as VG would say.




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Welcome to the board and we are in similar places.  I am a bit older, 65 and have three positive scores and low volume.  I am planning on AS for at least the next year unless some of the confirmation tests suggest differently.   I enjoy reading anything by Dr. Klotz who is an expert on AS.  Many of us are Vets also, thanks for your service!  Denis

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I agree with George and Hopeful that AS may be a good choice for you at this point.  I was on AS for over 10 years with the scores keeping in the 4-6 range.  When you get another psa be sure to ask to have %free psa included in the report as well as the ng/ml value.


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