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Increase in creatine post partial kidney removal

Nkhmom3 Member Posts: 1
edited August 2017 in Kidney Cancer #1

My husband had renal cell carcinoma almost 3 years ago , he has had some issues with chronic unexplained anemia requiring iron transfusion over the last 18 months,  today we saw his creative which was in the normal range at 55.4 in march and .7 are now 177.4 and 2.3.  should we be concerned ?  Should we contact the kidney surgeon? 


  • Skagway Jack
    Skagway Jack Member Posts: 224

    It would be my suggestion that anyone who undergoes a nephrectomy should consult with a nephrologist post surgery. Those numbers assuming I am reading them correctly show impaired function and need attention.  There are some very specific dietary and medical drug do's and donts regarding patients with impaired kidney function.   Good luck