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Assistance on MD Anderson for NSCLC Lung Cancer

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Dear all

My mom was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer (NSCLC). Our oncologist is prescribing chemo but has told us there is no cure. However I've come across MD Anderson online and have read a lot about them. The problem is we live so far away in Malaysia, which is over a full day flight and I can't subject her to that unless I know there is hope and a treatment plan that could help her which isn't available here in our country. Even then, not sure how we would raise the funds but one step at a time.

I'm reaching out in hopes someone has an email address of any of the lung oncologists or specialists at MD Anderson I could email. I know it's a long shot because I may not get a reply from them even if I do email but I'll try anything. She's all I have and it's always been my mom and me against the world. 

I hope someone can can help me..thank you

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1-855-669-2584 phone

Hope this helps.

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They also have a facebook page that discusses the doctors there:




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Hello,  I actually live in Houston, TX and had lung cancer (Stage 1a)  and lobectomy surgery at MD Anderson in February, 2016.  They are the #1 Cancer Center in the U.S. & probably the world.  However, I don't believe they will see a patient unless they have the appropriate insurance or funds to pay for treatment.  People do come from all over the world to seek treatment there. My surgeon is Dr. Mara Antonoff, Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery.  You can google her and I think there is a place to message her on the site.  Please tell her that Susan Matson referred you. She knows me well and in fact, I just saw her for a f/u appointment on Monday this week.  She is a fabulous surgeon and also very caring and kind. Good luck to you and your mother in this journey. 

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