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Back from 1 year checkup...

PSA still undetectable. Huzzah.

RP last year after biopsy Gleason 6 3+3, but was dealing with recurring Staph infection that inflamed prostate. Finally got prostate size down so when the final pathology report came out after the RP, it was down to 197.7 grams. FYI... Normal prostate weight is 20 to 25 grams. That why I named it "Godzilla". If it had not reduced somewhat, the urologist was going to suggest open instead of DaVinci. Fortunately I found a good DaVinci surgeon...

Imo... Good DaVinci surgeons are a little different from usual surgeons, like operating a surgical drone instead of open cutting.

Told PA that I'm 95% recovered from incontinence. Maybe 80% from ED, but that could be as big as it gets lengthwise... I have not introduced the wife to "Stubby" yet, I am hoping to be maxed out soon and then will make the proper introductions. She is in for a shock. Hopefully Stubby will perform better than it looks in size.



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    That's Great!!

    Grinder, Good for you!! That's great news. Huzzah!!

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    Congratulations. But, why do you say that the PSA is still undetectable? Are you expecting it to be detectable?

    Best wishes for full recovery, remission forever and enjoyment.


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    Congrats, Grinder! Very happy

    Congrats, Grinder! Very happy for you and your family!!

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    Always glad to read good news..............Best for you

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    Great News!

    Congrats to you!!