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Need Incontinence Advice

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Is this normal? I had my RP surgery 20 days ago and was told “the reconstruction went exceedingly well”. Since he has done over 4000 operations I believe him. I had the cath removed 14 days ago. I did my kegels for weeks before surgery and started doing them immediately after the cath was removed. 


Here is where I’m at and I was wondering if guys who have improved can tell me if they went through this stage:


• I can NOT urinate on command, meaning if I stand at the urinal or sit down on the toilet no liquid stream can be produced.


• However, if I am sleeping I wake about every hour, feeling my bladder is full, pinch tight my kegel muscle, make it to the toilet standing, and can have a stream for about 4 seconds. I have experimented and have enough control that I can stop the stream by doing a kegel hold. It's not easy sleeping only an hour at a time for 14 days...


• If I am standing naked I drip like a slow leak faucet, about a drop every few seconds.


So I have been going through a lot of pads and depends, since I leak continually. I don’t mind that, I’m just worried I am not improving. I was told by the nurse to drink 8 glasses of water a day but I have been drinking as little water as possible. I think much of the urine must be coming from the fruits? I do not drink coffee or alcohol as of now. When I have asked questions of the PA and nurse they say I am “normal”.


Thanks for your advice.



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My surgeon also did over 4,000 RP's. I had 100% continence at night starting the day of catheter removal but during the day I leaked like there was zero control. Slowly over the next couple of months I got more and more control until I was pad free. It felt weird when I emptied my bladder for a month or so, it almost hurt. I also had pulling and some shooting pain in the surgery bed but sit ups and Excercise bike work eliminated that cometely. I was gun shy about drinking water during that time but started increasing as I gained control. It took another 2 months to then eliminate stress incontinence. At about four months post op I was 100%. My doctor told me that most guys get what they are going to get by six months but it can take up to 18 months.

i never had a problem producing urine. It was the apposite problem for a while that I could not stop it. I even peed on my wife's head early on when she was helping me get my socks off. oops.






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Hey Nick... I had RP on 6/29/17.  Cath was removed 6 days later.  My surgeon claims 4000+ these procedures.  I have had some leakage when going from seated to standing position.  Also if I wait to long to go.  I am able to start and stop stream when urinating.  I had gleason 3+4 with clear margins.  My surgeon instructed me not to begin Kegels, apart from start/stop stream, until one month post-op.  I read somewhere that Kegels too soon can fatigue the muscles and actually increase incontinence.

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The incontinence, like the above mentioned, is perfectly normal and usually lasts only 3 to 6 months, sometimes more sometimes less.

But retention is unusual after RP. Is it possible the Catheter became infected while you had it in? Sounds like a UTI or similar. There should be no retention after RP. Could there be obstruction from the RP? You really need to discuss this with your urologist. If an infection is causing retention, that can easily be solved by antibiotics, and can easily be diagnosed by a urine sample. An obstruction or scar tissue or? will be harder to diagnose. I had issues with blood clots, even after my prostate had shrunk to 197.7 grams... The smallest clot would jam up the plumbing, including after the biopsy, which meant another trip to the ER that night for another Foley catheter.

Maybe somebody else here can figure why you have incontinence (normal) and retention (not normal) after RP. Your nurse is both right and wrong.

Either way, your urologist should know about it.

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Unfortunetly you are going to leak for a while.  14 days is just beginning the healing, hopefully you will notice improvement every week or two.  I feel the reason that you are not peeing standing up is that you have nothing to pee.  Sounds like you are drip, drip, driping all day long which empties your bladder.  At 14 days you might still have some trama to your bladder which gives you the feeling to pee.  Can your doctor give you something to calm your(sounds like) overactive bladder?  Just a thought.

Dave 3+4

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