SBRT and IMRT Treatment Success

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First a little short, concise background. I was first diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma Agent Orange(Viet Nam Service) related lung cancer in 2006. Had a lower lobectomy. Cancer came back in 2014 and I had had a second surgery - this time a wedge resection because the V.A. delayed my diagnosis and the cancer had time to spread to the chest wall. I also had chemo and radiation.  The cancer came back again this year, 2017, in the right and left lung. Surgery was not an option due to all the scar tissue and the location of both tumors. My oncologists decided to do SBRT on the left mass (7mm) and IMRT on the right mass (2.5cm).

We just did the follow up PET/CT and there is no evidence of cancer.

All of my treatment was done at private facilities. I used the VA once for surveillance due a gap in private insurance coverage and they did me a great disservice.  I do not recommend the VA system.

I will see my medical oncologist in October when we will decide on the surveillance plan.

May all of you stay healthy and maintain a positive attitude. I know it is difficult but it is the foundation for a better quality of life.


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