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Fish Oil

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A very interesting new article on fish oil concludes:

n-3 PUFAs, especially the long-chain PUFAs (EPA and DHA) abundant in fish oil, prevent colon carcinogenesis through multiple mechanisms. Dietary intake of n-3 fatty acids also improves efficacy of chemotherapeutic agents in the clinical and preclinical studies through suppression of inflammation and induction of cancer cell apoptosis. Moreover, supplementation of n-3 PUFAs appears to offer health benefits for colon cancer patients, such as amelioration of the symptoms of cachexia, weight gain and increased lean body mass, thereby conferring enhanced quality of life. Therefore, n-3 PUFAs may be of use as an adjuvant in the therapy of colon cancer.


Here's a recent rat study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28832677

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But taking fish oil is SO NASTY!! I burp it up all day for the rest of the day. Ugh!! Can't do it, just can't...

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There is always natural fish.  I have gone on a pescovegetarian diet as it seems to be the best one to fight cancer.  I took fish oil tablets once about a decade ago and quit for the reason you describe.  However, when you compare the unpleasantness of burping to the unpleasantness of chemo, I will take the burping any day.  Plus, I am hoping the more modern tablets are not as rancid.  I will pick some up next time I go to Costco and find out.  My plan is to take the tabs on the days (about every other day) I do not eat fish.  

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capsules of fish oil a day. Nothing to do with cancer. I have auto immune nephrotic syndrome of the kidneys and lose up to 7+ grams of protein a day thru my urine . That results in serious oedeema in my legs and lungs. I am controlling the protein loss at the moment by taking cyclosporine twice a day. i still suffer from some oedeema . my neph thinks it is another auto immune problem. I have auto immune arthritis and auto immune hepatitis. The danger with oedeema is can cause blood clots that can travel to the lungs and brain. My doctors think I am on enough meds and don't want me on wafrin or heprin to thin my blood but they are happy for me to take fish oil which is an excellent natural blood thinner. I just have to make sure I stop taking it three weeks prior to colonoscopies. I had problems last scope , the gi was having problems stopping the bleeding from a polyp he removed and I finished up with three internal staples in my colon, Ron.

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