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Hi, anyone with more information or opinions about apricot seeds and cancer?  I take great daily plant based supplements.  I just do not, do not want the big bad Cancer wolf again.  


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    Check with your physician

    Check with your physician because I've read that the compound in those seeds converts to cyanide in the body.

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    How about...

    How about eating a healthy diet, exercising, cutting back on stress, getting adequate sleep, and being involved in the community with people, doing good for others? Those things have been shown (in studies, even) to be characteristic of people who live long healthy lives. 

    Apricot seeds? There's the cyanide thing, which is very toxic and consequently not characteristic at all of being healthy. No studies have yet shown that apricot kernels keep you from getting cancer. Folks have stories and people have tried to prove they're a cure-all but nothing so far.

    Of course, munch a huge enough quantity and it's highly possible that you'll indeed never get cancer. Because cyanide could finish you off before it's time for your next follow-up CT. Which would be totally uncool.