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i need an urgent help

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Please what is the process for diagnosis of stage 3 nasal lymphoma and/or a description of the treatment and a summary of the costs involved?


Any idea will be appreciated.

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if you feel you need urgent care and/ or advice, please see a doctor immediately. In a nutshell, lymphoma can only be positively diagnosed through biopsy. Only a Dr can tell you for sure whether you have lymphoma. If you do not have insurance, go to an emergency room. Good luck.

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Why "stage 3"? Has the diagnosis already been made? If so, why would you want to have it done again?

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PBL and Shady make excellent observations.  And "Nasal Lymphoma" is extremely rare, hardly ever being diagnosed in the US. It is usually a T-Cell disease, tough to identify.  For some reason, most cases are Asian.  There are very few lymph nodes above the mandible (jawbone), although ocular (eye) and CNS (central nnervous system) lymphomas above the neck are written about here on occasion.

Who diagnosed you with nasal ? Who scaled it at Stage III ?

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(From another forum) Based on geography, there is a possibility that OP is speaking of Burkitt's Lymphoma, which can manifiest itself in head and neck.

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