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Surgery Approaching Soon

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Joined: May 2017

In two weeks, my husband Mike will be having a full nephrectomy (robotic/laparoscopic).  We received our packet of instructions for the surgery, and even though you can't eat or drink anything at all after midnight the evening before the surgery, he was told to drink a Gatorade the morning of the surgery to stay hydrated, but to stop drinking it one hour before he arrives at the hospital.  I'm just curious as to whether anyone else was told this.  Also, did you all have to give yourself a Fleet enema?  That can't be too much fun.  LOL.  Sealed  I'm hoping I just survive all the pre-op stuff too.  Because he has a mechanical heart valve and is on blood thinners, I'll be giving him Lovenox shots twice a day for five days before the operation.  I'm starting to get really nervous now!

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I've never heard about Gatorade being ok before surgery.  I'd ask again about the Gatorade just to be sure since the anestesioloist may give different pre-op instructions. They want the bowels completly empty during surgery because it's easier to manipulate (move it around) the bowel during surgery an empty bowel during surgery than a full one. So have a good diet before the surgery and definately do the enema. Best wishes to you both. My husband had a full robotic nephrectomy in 2013, make sure he takes it easy afterwards. My husband's best advice to your husband is "Listen to your wife"

Posts: 112
Joined: May 2017

LOL!  I love your husband's advice!

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I did not have to get an enema nor did I have any other bowel prep like I would for a colonoscopy. I know some people on this forum have had to prep. They did instruct me not to eat or drink anything after midnight. I agree with checking on the Gatorade. Best of luck to both of you.

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In my day it was a simple and complete cleanout. Get yours from the pharnacy, not Lowes. That way you start with a clean plate after surgery.



Posts: 112
Joined: May 2017

Too funny, Iceman!  We'll definitely get it at the pharmacy!

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I could eat a lite evening meal (by 6:00 pm) the night before, but nothing after.  Stop drinking by midnight with only "minimal" clear liquids up to two hours before arrival.  I checkied in at 5:30 am.  No enama for me--I guess they may have cleaned me out after knocking me out. 


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My surgery was scheduled in afternoon...was able to have black coffee and soft boiled egg by 5am. I got up and ate and was glad. Post Op was on clear liquid diet... That wasn't fun. I also had no pre surgical prep so I felt I hit the lottery! 

Try and line up as much help as possible for yourself...It is hard or harder on the caregivers... And go through past posts, it helped newbies like us a lot . Ask questions here  there is a wealth of info. Hoping you both have uneventful surgery.

Jen T
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I also got the same instructions about drinking clear liquids on the day of surgery but only up until 6 AM. I also was instructed to do a clear diet (jello, broth, liquids etc) on the day before and take a magnesium citrate laxative at noon the day before. Mine is scheduled for 1pm this Thursday. Apparently after reading up on it, there is some  data that suggests that keeping hydrated on day of speeds up clearance of the stomach contents and bowel so it may actually reduce problems with vomiting and aspiration.

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