Waiting is so hard

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Hi I was in hospital last week for complication (they thought) with my Chrons. 2 CT scans, 1 ultrasound later a hard 3cm mass on left kidney. I have had pain, fevers blood in urine. I have now to wait till the Muti Specialist Team for Renal meet in Glasgow which is once a week! My partner works away as a lorry driver. It's school holidays I have 3 kids and a dog and I'm struggling with pain and exhaustion and worry. I'm grumpy with everyone. I am normally a 100 miles and hour Mum I'm getting frustrated and I am scared. 


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    We all felt that way.


    We all felt like sh-- when told we probably have Kidney Cancer and they are probably going to take out our kidney. That was me 15 years ago. The Chrohns certainly does not make it easier. The good newss is that at 3 cm you prognosis absent the unexpected is excellent. Line up some help if they schedule surgery. You will need it for a at least a few weeks if not more.



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    Three kids, a dog, a partner

    Three kids, a dog, a partner who is away on work, and facing possible kidney cancer on top of Chrones... I would say you're entitled to be grumpy, not to mention frustrated, scared, and exhausted. But as Iceman said, at 3 cms even if it's cancer the surgery will most likely be the end of it. Hopefully it's located so they can do a partial neph which was not nearly as bad as I had made it out to be in my imagination. Yes, the waiting sucks and is terribly nerve wrecking but soon it'll be behind you. All the best and if you need to grump, just grump to us. We certainly understand.

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    Just found out I have a 4cm

    Just found out I have a 4cm solid mass on my left kidney. What should I pay attention or ask when I see my doctor today

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    I felt the same way and I

    I felt the same way and I think that's very normal to be grumpy once you're told about your possible cancer. A 3 cm tomur is small which makes it easier for surgeons to get rid of it. You can be hopeful to be cured with a surgery.

    Stay positive



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