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Urine Blood After surgery

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Mighty Frog
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Hi! 2day is my 11th day from my partial kidney removal via laparoscopic surgical. Every thing was good till today.

I had urine blood quite a lot..... is this normal or part of the healing..... ? 



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Hi, Mighty Frog.

I had a partial last August and I can't recall any blood in my urine---AFTER I came home.  Seems as though I had some while in the hospital and I remember them telling me that I may have a little bit the for a couple days, but my urine appeared clear.  With it being out this far for you, I'd watch closely today and if it continues it would be a good idea to call the hospital to get their take on it.

Good luck!


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I had a drain when I came home so yes, for about a week it was tinged pink but once it was removed nothing. Bleeding quite a bit is something I would definitely mention to my surgeon/physician. Probably nothing to be alarmed about but I would not ignore it.

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Mighty Frog
Posts: 152
Joined: Jul 2017

Hi! I admitted to ER as I keep urine blood in a quite a lot quantity... I almost blackout on my first urine......

After some medication,  it seem get a bit better but still have blood in urine. Now I put under monitor for few days and minimal activity. 

They also on standby for blood transfusion  if my blood does go too low.........

Extremely worrisome......... 





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You're up and feeling good better real soon

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Hi Frog,

I hope you get well soon.  Did they say what could be causing this?

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So sorry to hear that. Did they do a scan to see where the blood is coming from? Hope you get well soon!

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Mighty Frog
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Dear all! Thank you very much for your wishes.

Well, they still can't figure out the actual problem yet as blood test reported everything is OK.  They managed to stop the blood lost continue from urine. Now need to drink more water to flush out all the blood clot from the kidney..... so far so good.....  I need to spend few more day in the hospital. 

I think I over do it, as at home I walk, sitting and climbing staircase..... likely cause the pressure on my kidney... gosh.....

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Glad to hear you're doing better (and you had the good sense to go to the ER). 

All the best, and may all the rest of your recovery surprises be good ones...!

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Hi, I am scheduled for a partial nephrectomy on 9th November.  I asked the surgeon yesterday about bleeding risks and he explained that there were 2 points where it can be a problem with a parital nephrectomy.  At the point of the operation when they are cutting and suturing/cauterizing and about 12 days out (though I have read up to 20 days) when if you like the 'scab' comes loose on the wound on the kidney.  He said that treatment if it didn't stop was to thread a catheter in via an artery and cauterize.  Glad you are in hospital where help is at hand,   Hope you are getting the answers to the problem and recovering. 

I also have been told that a little bit of blood looks like a lot in your urine.   On having urinary stents previously they usually say come back if there is too much pain or too much blood in urine. I queried this with my sister who is a doctor (GP) as I was miserable in pain and urine was a lovely port wine colour.  I asked 'how much blood and pain is too much blood and pain?'  She asked me would I rather be in my bed or in ER chairs?  I replied bed, she replied 'not enough pain or blood then'.  Lol.   I love my sister but really?   I still don't know how you know how much blood in urine is too much. 

Maybe there is a post somewhere that allows a patient to gauge that and make an educated decision about returning to hospital. 

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Regarding the post-op pain, they send you home with meds for that.  I was in the hospital for 2 days and honestly, I didn't experience a lot of pain.  I took pain meds only once after coming home.  But everyone is different.  Listen to your body.  You will know before you leave the hospital based on your pain levels throughout what your needs will be initially.  If you're experiencing pain, stay on top of it with meds to keep it at bay.  If you let it get out of control you'll be chasing it with pain meds, rather than staying on top of it and it's harder to play catch up.  Regarding the blood level, I had a drain, which they removed before I left the hospital but others have been released to home with in still in place.  I had very little blood in my urine, but yes, it does look worse because it's mixing with other bodily fluids, in this case urine.  When there's bleeding in your mouth it looks worse because it mixes with your saliva....if you get my point.  If this is a big concern for you, I would suggest you ask your surgeon to give you some guidelines. 

Best wishes,


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Mighty Frog
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3 months already after from my surgical. 2day i went for a full abdomen scan by ultrasound and blood test. Everything looks good at the scan. No blood clot inside the bladder. I do this test just to make sure everything is OK. Just need to work abit harder on my body fats. (hahaha) 

During my situation, i was totally urine blood i think i lost about almost a litre.  I rush into ER as soon as possible and lucky it managed to stop in time. My doctor did not perform and scan or check during my stay in the hospital. They just keep monitor my blood court and pressure. 

It do happen but rarely.

Just be prepare and get ample of rest. it took me about 8-12 weeks to get things better.  No worry things will gradually improve over the time no rush..... I started running 3 weeks ago...





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Great job on your recovery!  

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Happy to hear you are back to jogging and are doing well!!!

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