After Robotic Surgery

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crazy question I know But really don't know answer. After prostate is removed will that be the end of having kids? 


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    you can store your sperm for future use

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    Submerse those swimmers in the liquid nitrogen tank to keep them ready for action..

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    Old Salt said:


    Submerse those swimmers in the liquid nitrogen tank to keep them ready for action..


    As all noted above, reproduction will end unless you store semen.

    Semen in basically "mixed" in the prostate gland, and it is the gland that expells the finished product at ejaculation, in spasmotic squeezing.  With the gland and seminial vesicles gone, the "mixing" and "storing" no longer occurs.

    Most guys regain the ability to have sex and orgasms, but you will never ejaculate again.  Neurologists and urologists know that male "sex" consists of three seperate but related events: erection, ejaculation, and orgasm.  Men can have one or two with out the other.

    Of course virtually all prostectomies do NOT touch or operate on the testicles or the penis itself. Only very rarely is such involvement required. Testosterone levels therefore usually do not change, or change much. Penile size reduction is common due to vascular or nerve changes, but the penis itself is never "cut."


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    Bright side...

    It is the perfect birth control method, if you look at the other side of the coin. But it will take a while to regain erections IF all goes well... 1 to 2 years on average... immediately for some others.