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Another update

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Lou Ann M
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Labs, Dr.'s visit, and infusion day.  Got the results back from my last CTscan today.  All of my tumors have remained stable.  My oncologist says that the 3/4 in tumor in my neck feels like mush and that two others look like they have a bad case of necrosis.  It has been a year now that I have been on the immunotherapy drug Keytruda and we will continue on this line of treatment.  CA 125 also dropped a little.  The CTscan and blood test gave no clues to what is causing the pain in my left chest. No new tumors, my liver, pancreas, and kidneya are all fine.  My Doc is puzzled.  He suggested an MRI to look more closely at my spine.  I asked to wait until my next visit to see if it gets any better.  I really do not like MRIs.  All in all a very good day.  Many prayers answered. I feel very blessed again.

Hugs and prayers to all you lovely ladies.  There is always hope.

Lou Ann

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I have to agree with your comment about MRI's. PET scans are so much easier, but of course there's the cost and radiation involved. But MRI's are perhaps easier than what you went through with the neck radiation...I still shudder at the memory of what the face mask looked like!  Hang in there, Lou Ann...you keep us all going!

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I just watched a show about Seve Ballesteros. He was my favorite golfer and he died of brain cancer years ago They showed him getting radiation with a face mask. I imagined it was like yours. You're a true warrio, Lou Ann!  God Bless you!

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Lou Ann, What a great update! I'm so happy that you are responding to the Keytruda. Such promising results. I think of you often and am always glad to see you post to others and about yourself. Prayers for continued success.

Love and Hugs,


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You are an inspiration Lou Ann. Prayers for good news.

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So glad to hear you are keeping it at bay and had such a good appointment.  Thank you SO MUCH for letting us know!

It's so funny- I too saw someone having head radiation with that mask on the Series "The Sacred Plant" which is all about cannibas and how amazing that is in the treatment of so many things.   Anyway- I just saw that mask and thought of you just as the others- you really are our inspiration!

Anyone into reading and learning more about cannabis I am reading "Cannabis Revealed" by Bonni Goldstein, M.D. and it is so very informative and interesting. 

(((HUGS))) to all

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Hi Lou Ann:

I just read your update.

 I wish you continued good wishes and good luck with your treatments. I am glad to hear that everything seems stable.  Please keep us ladies posted.


a/k/a Jane

grateful always
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Hi Lou Ann,

I have been a member for a number of years and have religiously followed the uterine and ovarian boards, but I have never posted.  I have been following your history and am interested in your treatment with Keytruda and I am finding myself being given the option going that direction.  I am going to send you a private message in hopes that you can answer some of my questions.  I am hoping that this continues to work for you.

All my best to you,


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Excellent update, Lou Ann! So very happy to hear that the Keytruda continues to work for you!

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Lou Ann, soooo, sooooo happy for you.  We don't have enough days of good news so when you get one, you gotta savor!!  Hugs, Helen

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Helen, Glad to see your post. I have been thinking about you.

How are you doing?

Love and Hugs,


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