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Newly Found Lung Mass

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I had told Kimberly (kfs52) and Griffithds that I would start a new forum topic.  CSN member Loretta had suggested a separate forum, so that it would be easier to find responses.  I learned just a few days ago that a CT scan showed a 3 cm mass on my lung and my doctor says is very unlikely that it is NOT cancer.  I hope to find out tomorrow when I will get a PET scan.  Kimberly (kfs52) and Griffithds are at the same phase of discovery.

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It sounds like you are doing really well! I am so happy!! I bet you cannot wait to get home.

I saw the doctor, he says results not in yet, but need to prepare for a diagnosis that involves surgery. So guess its good he said that - so I can get my head around it. All the test results will be in next week - including the one that tells him - if he does the surgery can I survive without that part of my lung.

BUT, he gave me a steriod shot into the kester, I don't know why they didn't go straight for the lung, they sent me home with steriods for the weekend - so I can breathe comfortably. AND, yes, pain killers, thank you, there is someone looking out for me. 

Hugs and good thoughts to both you and Meggie, we seem to have lost some people on this path over the last month or so (when I say lost - I don't mean they passed away, we just stopped hearing from them), but we will see this through together!

Night all. 

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Hey everyone, I hope everyone is doinng okay today!

Clacla - I hope you are finally home or going home today - i know you must miss it and being at home will almost feel like you are normal again! Yeah!

Meggie - I hope you got your results this week and they were good! Please share - we could all use some good news.

I am just bearing with it until next week when all the roosters come home to crow - I think that is how that old saying goes. 

Until then, Happy Friday Everyone.

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Hello Clala and Kimberly

I have not heard anything yet and since it is the weekend, I have to wait for Monday at the soonest That means it's two weeks since I had the biopsy.  Kimberly, I remember writing to you that I would hear in a couple of days and you had been told to wait a  few weeks.   I commented that I couldn't imagine having to wait a few weeks  for this kind of news.  But once the whole week had passed with no call, i entered into a new fatalistic zone.  It's like now I don't really expect the phone to ring at all.  I know that's weird but now I fins myself thinking:  well, maybe i won't hear next week ----or even the week after.  And my mind just shuts down at the idea that I have to be on edge every moment of every day for the foreseeable future,waiting for the phone to ring.My heart goes out to you Kimberly. It iis difficult for me to believe that you are weak, in pain,cooughing up blood constnatly and are still in a waiting zone---with nothing going on



to help you deal with the dreadful condition you are in, cancer or not.

ClaCla, if that X ray came out clear, you are home from the hospital and beginning the healing process.   What a good place to be.  Bad things are going to happen to all of us, but your bad thing  seems to have had good things going for it---treatable cancer with positive outlook for the future,  good care, good doctors and everything necessary done in a timely fashion.  I dont expect you are feeling too well at this point.  Removal of a lobe of the lung, however it's done is major surgery, but at least you are on the road to recovery.  I will post when---or if---I ever get a call.  Hugs to you both

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I am on drugs now. I don't feel great, but I feel a little better.

Meggie what you might want to check out - this time I signed up for the hospital online access - so when test results are availble, I have the same access the doctor has. I may not know exactly what the results mean - but I will have access to see them and know they are availble instead of waiting for a call. I signed up for this same access at the doctors office. 

I go into the doctor on Weds. Supposedly test results are supposed to be in. Not sure if that means biopsy results or just the other tests results. 

Clacla - you take care and heal honey. Your body went through a major shock last week, you just take it easy and heal and I will catch up with you later this week. Just know I am thinking and sending good thoughts your way.


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Pet scan will light up not only cancer but infections and some scar tissues. Biopsy is the only way to know if it's cancer. even then sometimes not conclusive. Pet scan lit up my throat cancer but also my prostrate. Only the throat was cancer. The prostrate was infection. Biopsies proved this out.


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