Going cross country will on cabo

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I have been fighting the side effect game with Cabo for a few months now and my daughter asked me to take a trip across country from ny to ca.  I've told her no because I feel like crap 50 % of the time and Don't wanna be a burden to anyone .  My husband says I should go but I think it's to much.  I just don't think they understand.  I know my daughter is just trying to get me out of my rut that I am in but between the flight and traveling with a 2 and a half year old grandson.  It's just to much, am I wrong by not going using how I feel which is like crap . 


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    I still think this all happened too quickly to you. Too much to adjust to in a very short time. I believe I understand how you feel. I think the trip would not be worth it. I also agree that they just don't understand. They have good intentions. From a normal life to having to live under the influence of our cancer drugs is not like having a buzz from too much cold medicine. Tell them maybe next year. You still aren't stable yet. Once you have everything in control, you can make a working agenda. Getting yourself stabilized now will be all the vacation you need for a while.