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Shelley Baker
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Hi all, I was recently diagnosed with nonsmall cell stage 1 lung cancer..I am going to have a VATs lobectomy of my upper right lobe..I have read alot about what to expect post op. But I am still nervous about having chest tubes and being short of breath.. I have never had issues with my breathing so I am scared of my breathing post op. I would love to hear from anyone who has had a lobectomy. thank you.

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Hi, just joined this site. I had a lobectomy of upper left lung, Sept. 5,2016. Mine was same stage and nonsmall cell. Was yours a tumor or nodule? Mine was small nodule. I have COPD and a smoker. Woke up with oxygen, 2nd day was up and walking. Had breathing treatments 3xday which were very helpful. Went home on day 5, with oxygen because of previous issues. Only needed it for 3 more days. Healing from surgery took a while. Good Luck, and if I can answer any more questions just ask.


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Please do not worry. I have had two VATs.  The epidural pain control is wonderful. Take it easy after you get home. I did not need any oxygen and I have COPD. So, my bet is that you will be fine.

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