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Newbie high groin lymph nodes, high calcium and b12 levels please help!

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please if anyone had had experience with high calcium levels or highb12 levels please let me here your story. Very sick. Can not get a diagnosis. Going to see oncologist in 2 weeks. My calcium labels are slighly above high but am very sick and weak and have nite sweats but  not drenching which my doc says all night sweats are of the drenching kind if you have lymphoma or lukemi. I tried to tell him they can be just sweating and hot but does not care. Also calcium level is raised but for my age should be lower. Would be so grateful if anyone has had raised calcium levels to let me know what they are. Mine are almost 1200 and I know something isn't right. I am hopin onc/hemo can help. Been bed ridden for almost 5 months. So weak and dizzy. Lymph nodes just showed last week. I am so exhausted from going from doctor to doctor. Last week doc said I should see a shrink. Something I am sure many have heard. . I would like to get my life back. Feeling very hopeless. Please let me know

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Don't know anything about calcium levels. I've had doctors say the same thing. You know when something is wrong with your body. I'm waiting for answers so I know how that is. Go to the onc and let us know.

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Hypercalcemia: "Most cases are due to primary hyperparathyroidism or cancer.[1] Other causes include sarcoidosis, tuberculosis, Paget disease, multiple endocrine neoplasia, vitamin D toxicity, familial hypocalciuric hypercalcaemia, and certain medications such as lithium and hydrochlorothiazide."

Sarcoidosis, in particular, is a diagnosis of exclusion - meaning that all other cuases must be eliminated first. There are many other causes and diagnosing the root cause takes time and testing. There is simply no way around it.

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I've never heard of per se high calcium being a lead indicator of Lymphoma, but the night sweats very much need investigation. The doctor is correct: Heavy sweating in sleep is most commonly a blood cancer or menopausally related.  But the sweats by themselves do not confirm anything.

My sister-in-law has had severe sarcoidosis for about 5 years now, and it also causes large nodes, usually in the lungs and center-chest, but they can be elsewhere, but as Po notes, it is an extremely rare disease. And it also is not a cancer.

High B12 is odd, given that it is water-soluble, and excess is therefore normally passed in the urinne.

Antacids are mostly straight calcium...but I take about 10,000 mg daily, and have calcium levels that are normal.  I hope you share what you learn regarding these results,



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And, if doctors are suggesing some sort of counseling or therapy, take their advice! What have you to lose? How is anxiety and/or depresion going to help if you should receive an unwanted diagnosis? It cannot. Based on what you have posted, if you have a lymphoma, it is not an emergency and can be treated even at late stage - and that may be years from now. Look for the cause of your malaise, not for cancer.

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see a counselor. "IF"  you have lymphoma that is treatable, even curable. Deal with the fear and anxiety first and it will make your journey much easier. I wish you all the best. May you find peace.

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