Squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue

My daughter has just been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue.  lesion on left side appox. 1.5 cm was diagnosed June 28,  2017.

She has been cancer free froma battle with non hodgkins lymphoma for 3 years 


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    Sorry to hear that

    I am in remission FNHL Stage IV  but on watch and wait due to several symptoms returning. One of several things that I had about 3 years after remission was squamous cell carcinomas on the skin. Had several removed and so far so good. Mine came up almost over night and grew very rapidly. Could have been caused by sun exposure or something else. Squamous is known to be dormant then attack people when their immune systems are weakened. I know that untreated squamous cell can metastisize to internal organs and needs to be treated ASAP. Wish I had more for you but I would suggest going to the skin cancer and carcinoma discussion boards and asking for advice there. Surfing the web for info is not recommended. Also its probably good idea to see a specialist in that type of cancer. Best wishes to you and your daughter.