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Staying Positive

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I have decided to share an entry from my personal journal. I was in the throes of treatment when I wrote this on 7/28/13.





I believe a positive attitude helps health. I believe that people who can remain hopeful, determined, and positive have better outcomes when faced with illness. I believe optimism heals. I believe that God wants us to feel happy and confident.


I know that maintaining a positive attitude can be hard work and almost impossible to maintain when faced with major losses. . .of loved ones, relationships, security, health, serenity. There have been many times when I have felt hopeless and scared and sad and mad and worried and in pain and weak and sick with fever.


As I have journeyed through Lymphoma, I have had to search my soul and I have often had to reach very deep within to find something to be thankful for. Other times, my blessings are abundant, obvious, and easily felt.


To help myself stay encouraged while facing a life-threatening illness and coping with side-effects of toxic treatments, I have tried to keep my words and language positive.


It is very popular to use such language as battle with cancer, cancer warrior, the beast, the nasty beast, war against cancer, victim of cancer, monster, struggle, hate, cancer sucks, fight. 


I don't use any of those words. They are all negative; some are violent.  I don't use hateful words in any other aspect of my life and I believe in peace.  In fact, I'm glad my cancer has its own name, Lymphoma, so I don't even have to use the word cancer if I don't want to. I call it my Lymphoma Journey. I will not hate my Lymphoma as it has become part of me and I will not hate myself.


I try not to fear my Lymphoma. If it takes my life then that will be the way I go.


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Beautiful, inspiring words. I wish all could read them!

Cancer has been a blessing to me. No, really. It changed my life from the humdrum of daily routine into a true reason to live. Not just to live, but to savor life. Life is most precious when it is threatened. Since I do not fear death, I cannot fear cancer. I know the redemptive value of suffering, and I believe that I have been chosen to suffer for eternal good. I look past this life and see the perfection of an existence where cancer is at most, a memory.  

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I think you wrote this for me??? I was just thinking of you guys over the weekend and as PO18 knows I am not a positive person and Rocquie I am not the warrior, the cancer fighter, the battle winner etc... I also do not like all these big words.I am very scared and anxious and taking antidepressants. But this is me, I am not like that because of lymphoma I have always been like that all my life on and off antidepressants and anti anxiety drugs. I am trying behaviour therapy, meditation, mindfulness and this is working to some extent. I am not sure what I am afraid of. Maybe dying?? In the end all of us are dying some of us lucky to be in their 80's and others in their 60's. Nobody knows for sure,right? Maybe I am afraid of suffering and upset that I cannot plan and control the future. Hard to say, but I really liked your words and I wish I could live by them at least a little. I agree with you that being positive makes all the difference and that the body try to heal itself when given proper nutrition and care.

Good luck All,


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On bathroom mirror or refrigerator. Reflect on them and the peace that you find in them. Refer to them when you feel less than secure. Rely on them for help.

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