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Two Weeks

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Being that waiting is not my strong suit, ESPECIALLY where RCC is concerned, I feel like I'm missing something being on Opdivo.  While on Votrient, I felt like I was doing something every day to kick "Bob's" @$$.

"Bob" being The Wife's and my name for the annoyances in our life... 

But from what I've read here most everyone on Opdivo is also on a bi-weekly dosing regimen and doing well on it according to their scans, but to me it just seems like a long time between unleashing a barrage on the enemy.

All y'all on Opdivo, did y'all feel the same way or am I just out in left field??

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scouting parties in the field. Attacking headquarters doesn't contain all your enemy. And it leaves your back open to snipers. Opdivo can be used to control the outposts. This makes taking out HQ  much safer and suppresses firestarters. Good strategy.

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