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Nearly 2 years now, About to get radiation (1st round)

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My progression has been slowed by cabo or just luck, but I have progression now that is beginning to effect me. 3 Lymph nodes, 1 in my neck, 1 Back and 1 abdomen. My neck one has grown to 5.5 cm and is pressing my carteroid, larynx, thyroid. My abdomen is pinching my IVC and other vessels causing blood fow obstruction.

I have consulted a radiologist to see if we can shrink them back some to give me some relief from the discomfort. As some may know these are tender areas for radition and not without risk to organs/spine and blood vessels.

My neck tumor feels as if I always have a finger pressed against my throat now.

I am feeling well in all other ways though,Cabo has retarded but not stopped growth, espcially on my lymph nodes.

They want to use stereographic at high but more controlled dose.

looks like I will begin in about 10 days. 2 weeks of treatments every other day.

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for me. Probably a half dozen sites. Awesome results. Only issue is where tumors were wrapped around spinal cord and brachial plexus. But my disease was so advanced that nerve damage was unavoidable. I'm certainly not gonna die from it. I've had several types of radiation including sbrt. I've actually got an I.D. card for sign in at the clinic for the next time. 100% faith in it's effectiveness for me.

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