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PamRav Member Posts: 324 **

im stage IV have had chemo then surgeryRobotic LAR with no ostomy, liver resection and abalation and another month later another liver abalation.  Liver biopsies all came back negative for ca.  Colon resection had clean margins. I had 7/ 19 positive lymph nodes.  Currently on a 4 treatment course of Flofiri with avastin as "insurance"  dr says he considers me NED at this point of view 

after this chemo finishes  I'll have scans done and if they're clear then no more chemo but will be followed with scans every 6 months   I was originally told by a different doctor (who's since left) in the same practice that I'd be on some sort of chemo for life   This doctor says he prefers to save his  ammunitoon till he needs it   Anybody else been done this road?  How'd it work out for you?

thanks for any and all input 




  • Trubrit
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    Watch & wait

    I am on the watch and wait part. Liver ablation April 2014, with clear scans. 

    I have obviously put my faith in my Oncologist, and so far so good (as in SO GOOD!)

    if you are really worried, maybe it's time to get a second opinion.  Understanding that every Oncologist hass there own wa of treating, and you may end up even more confused as to what to do  

    congratulations on being NED .  




  • NewHere
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    I had FOLFOX

    I am Stage IV B, 10 out of 20 nodes, clean margines and went through 12 rounds of FOLFOX, 8 with the Oxiliplatin part of the mix.  There was a few suspect spots from the beginning when I was initially diagnosed and one on the lung changed size during chemo (shrunk) then grew which was a met. 

    Different doctors will do different things and there are always details that any of us may overlook in reports which may be the reasons for a decision.  But as Tru said, get second opinion(s) if you are concerned.

  • PamRav
    PamRav Member Posts: 324 **
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    Just to be clear you weren't put on any oral meds after your main treatments?    

    My tumor was MSS & KRAS mutated so I'm not eligible for any of the newer immmunotheraphy drugs.  Which may be the reasoning for saving what's available for when it's really needed.  

  • Trubrit
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    No more chemo...

    after my initial six months of FOLOX, 5FU & radiation plus more 5FU. 

    I started out having blood work every week, with CT scan every month. Then it went to bloods every month with CT every three months and now, three years out from my ablation, I am on blood work every three and CT ever six months. 

    I hope this helps. 

    Tru  - On  Saturday (July 15th), I celebrate FOUR years since my last treatment image . 

  • PamRav
    PamRav Member Posts: 324 **


    thanks so much for your prompt reply

    and congratulations on your Four Fabulous years.  Here's to Forty more!!