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Biopsy Results are in

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I am looking for words of encouragement to share with him and also any suggestions on next steps and general opinions about treatments.
To this point I have researched and prepared for the diagnosis. I’ve done very little research on treatment options. So here is what we are working with:

Age 69
Frequent night urination; symptom that let to ER visit was inability to urinate 
DRE firm, irregular, bilateral volume 
PSA 144
21 tissue samples taken, all 21 positive for cancer with volumes ranging from 70 – 100%
Gleason score of 4 + 3 = 7

All of this has occurred in just two weeks.....

Next steps per doctor (urologist): Start Firmagon immediately; get bone scan and MRI of Pelvic area. The doctor said he wouldn’t jump to removal of prostate likely hormone therapy + radiation but won’t confirm treatment until bone scan

My next steps: wait for bone scan results and take PSA, Biopsy, and Bone Scan and send to Dr. Dattoli (Sarasota, Fl). He is world renowned and specialized in prostate and is a radiation oncologist. Then get biopsy slides and send to Dr. Epstein for another read.

What other next steps should I consider? What other type of second opinions should I get and from what type of doctors?

Holding on to hope that we still have many years of life and memories together with my Dad!

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Get all the test results,MRI,Bone scan, ect. and talk with your doctors(oncologist & urologist) and determine if the cancer has escaped the prostate.  If it has escaped some type of radiation(CK,Proton,Seeds) might be the best bet along with hormone therapy.  Sound like his prostate is very full of cancer based on the core samples.  Good luck and keep in touch with the message board.

Dave 3+4

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.....Your Father needs to find the very best Medical Oncologist that he could find to lead his medical team...........in fact, there are a select number who specialize only in Prostate Cancer.

Hormone therapy, or a combination of hormone therapy and radiation appears to be the treatment that is "best". Since there are side effects from each treatment type, surgery, not being currative, would have side effects, and is not recommended. Side effects from each treatment type is cummulative.

Your Father has many many years ahead of him. Research, attend local support groups, and treat in a coordinated fashion.

Where is your Father located....we at this board may be able to recommend a doctor who is an "artist' in his field in your geographic area.

You need to notify family members to be tested, since there is a higher likelyhood of prostate and also breast cancer among family members, than the general population

Keep on asking questions. We are here for you and Father.






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he is located in Sarsoata/Bradenton, Florida area.  ANY recommendations for second or third opinions apperciated.  Right night he is holding steady with the urologist recommended to him from the hospital.  Once he has the MRI and Bone Scan done this week will identify where to get next opionions.  Hope you all can help where to look.

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Tink - we've bumped into each other in three forums so far. I just wanted to mention that I am about an hour away from your Dad in the Clearwater area, if he needs someone to talk with about, uh, issues.  I'm not sure I'd be much good in the cheering up department, but have been thru the wringer myself and could provide some camaraderie.

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With a PSA that high and every core positive, your dad has serious disease.  It is extremely probable that PCa has escaped the gland.  In most instances, this is repgarded as a strong case AGAINST surgery and FOR radiation, even if his scans do not detect metastasis. Scans for PCa outside the gland easily and commonly yield false negatives.


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As mentioned by Tinkerbell, Dr Dattoli's practice is well-known and it appears to me that his office would be a good choice for taking the lead on developing a treatment plan. For a case as serious as this one, Dr Myers would have been good to consult with as well, but I believe that he has retired.

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Old Salt,

Can you share details on Myers' retirement. A patient of him indicated his wish to retire at the end of 2017, but nothing official yet. In any case, his departure from the activity will represent a big loss to all PCa community. His work, as the greatest integrative oncologist in the world will be hard to be continued or substitute by someone else. He has been my hero for more than a decade and he would be the person I would like to consult if things got sour in my continuing journey.
I surely will miss his papers and educational videos on PCa, and his speeches at PCa symposiums.

Tinker, I have no added opinion to above replies. You need to wait for complete diagnosis and a clinical stage. Mean while you can research on treatment's risks as they may put into jeopardy the quality of life of your dad.

Best wishes,


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I was careful and wrote 'I believe that Dr Myers has retired'. Perhaps I should have written that he is unlikely to take on new patients.

Whatever, here is a link to the 'story'


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Thanks for the link. The discussions seem still premature but I would take it as true. There are a number of guys here being treated by Myers. I wonder if they know anything. Just like us Dr. Myers needs to retire and enjoy his late period doing things he likes.
I believe that an official announcement will be done at his site.


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