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Gout after removal of kidney

Linniej Member Posts: 3

Has anyone who never had gout before been diagnosed after removal of a kidney? I am 6yrs post surgery for stage 3 kidney cancer and now I have had to bouts of gout. Because I a m not getting rid of uric acid. I am going to start a nephrologist havent before had one. I am 69 yrs old and still working. I have hypothytoidism and I am aware they removed the adrenal gland during surgery. As a single mom I was just glad to survive ! Since surgery I have developed Reynouds syndrome where the slightest cold temperatures turn my fingers white. O and yes my bladder has fallen of course I did have my children at 38 and 39 years of age add to that  I have a lap band placed 9 years ago which limits my diet and I cant really have removed or adjusted because its right over my remaing kidney.  Creatine level has been steady at  1.20 to 1.30  and with the lap band I have lost about 75 lbs and kept it off . I like meat but not every day i like sops but most have meat in them never having meat is a pain . We are so limited in what we can eat  and take  no nsaids.


  • ImNotDeadYet
    ImNotDeadYet Member Posts: 244
    Not since surgery, but...

    I was a gout sufferer for years, and haven't had an outbreak since I started on Allopurinol several years ago. Are you drinking a lot of water? Even before the cancer, and with taking the gout meds, I still had to drink an inordinate amount of water every day. At this point, post-nephrectomy, I try to drink at least 100 ozs a day or more. (That's at least five 20-ounce bottles of water.) And that's the bare minimum. Good luck with this - I know that pain well, and can't imagine how it must be with everything else you're dealing with.


  • Forger
    Forger Member Posts: 20
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    Ditto On The Allopurinol

    I used to get BAD attacks before starting the Allopurinol, 300mg/day about 10 years ago, but now only rare twinges.  One attack was so bad my knee had swollen to the size of a dodgeball and I could feel the blood flow thru it. The pain is enough to make the most hard boiled spy give up the launch codes...

    Had a partial nephrectomy in 2010 and was re-DX'd with RCC back in December, but haven't noticed any increase in the twinges since then.  I'm also drinking Power Aid all day to stay hydrated and keep my electrolytes up.

    Check with the Doc about the allopurinol and good luck.

  • cubsfan9
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    Curious about Allopurinol

    Good Morning!

    I am curious about those taking Allopurinol on a regular basis...My husband had a BAD gout attack about 2 years ago and has had a couple of lesser ones since than.  His uric acid level is extremely high, but the doctors have hesitated to put him on Allopurinol as there is concern about its affect on his remaining kidney.  Since the gout attacks have not become 'chronic' they have chosen to have him take Colchicine when he has a flare-up.  So far that has worked.

  • Forger
    Forger Member Posts: 20

    I've been on the same dose of allopurinol for over a decade and haven't noticed any decreased kidney function, but I still have about  1 1/2 of my kidneys left.

    Mebbe see about starting on a lower dose and close monitoring of kidney function??

    I also have some Colchicine on hand in case I have a flare up, but I haven't needed it since I've been on Allopurinol.