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I am looking for advice.  For about 1.5 years i had imaging that showed a possible Bosniak 2f cyst, we watched for almost 2 years with no change at all.  On May 2nd, a 1.2cm clear cell rcc was removed from my right kidney.  My urologist told me that everything went well and it was gone.  He said it was so small that they usually don't do surgery for these. He used the word "cured".  He said there is a 97% chance that nothing will return.  When I went in for my post surgery follow up, he gave me a copy of the pathology report.  It was a grade 1 stage pt1a.  The report did say that the external capsule was frayed when removed.  I asked if that was concerning in the fact that cells could escape, and he told me "no, its fine".  My follow up is as follows, at 3 months CT and blood work, at 6 months the same, plus chest X-ray, if both good, will go yearly from there.  I am just worried something went wrong when it was removed, or am I just freaking out?




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    You are just freeking out.

    It is understandable.  But I would bet my life savings that you are fine.