Vaccines after SCT

Hi All! I have been told by my oncologist that 12 months after a SCT I will need to have my vaccines repeated.  I have no problem with that.  Is that the norm with autologous SCT? Do I need titers first, or should I just go with the vaccines? 


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    We seem to lose some or even all immmunity

    The transplant center should be best able to advise on this - it being one of the curious results of transplant. Since we have received 'baby' cells, our blood is essentially newborn and does not have the natural immunuty which we build as we grow. I am two years out and no vaccinations yet, as I am too immune compromised for them to have their intended effect. Here is a link to Fred Hutchinson's suggestions regarding vaccination. 

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    When I was still planning on getting SCT I asked several times about vaccinations. That was one thing I was worried about. Every time I asked they told me that I could not have any vaccinations until at least a year after the SCT. I know they gave me other info about the subject but I don't remember any of it. Your Onc can answer your questions the best.