3 clean blood works an x ray and ultrasound! What are the odds I could have lymphoma?

So as the title says I have had 3 clean bloodworks a chest x ray and stomach ultrasound what are the odds I could have lymphoma? 

Let me also add in I had an fna biopsy done which came back suspicious but then a core needle biopsy that came back negative (what are the chances of a false positive and negative?) And little to no symptoms in the 6 months I been dealing with this and shrinking nodes that are still present. 


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    None of us here can give "odds," but most will share educated opinions.  You do not give sufficient reasons as to why you think you might have Lympoma in the first place.  I can gather that at some point you had enlarged nodes that have shrunk, but otherwise you provide insufficient detail.   How were the nodes detected ? Where ?  How widely dispersed ?  Were you diagnosed with anything else, like an infection or autoimmune disease ?

    I will say that little you write preculdes (rules out) Lymphoma.  An fna biopsy and core needle are more similiar than different, and an excise biopsy (surgical removal) is always much more authoratative.   Needle biopsies are easily and often wrong, and one test could be positive or suspicious because that node is cancerous, while another node tests negative because it is benign.  X-rays are of little worth in indentifying Lymphoma generally, and a stomach ultrasound would spot stomach Lymphoma, but not Lymphoma located elsewhere.  And most Lymphomas originate in the following regions: Axillary (armpit), center of chest, spleen, or groin.  Origination in the stomach/lower GI is uncommon but possible.

    Ergo, given what you shared, anything is possible.  Blood tests are worthwhile, but many people with advanced disease have had essentially normal labs.  My own history is indicative of all of this:  I never felt an enlarged node anywhere, ever, I had NORMAL CBC just before diagnosis.  BUT:  A CT done within a week showed massive nodes from one axillary to the other side, filling my heart cavity, inside both lungs, wrapped around the whole length of my escophagus, on my spleen, wrapped around the whole length of my superior vena cava , and in my pelvic region.   I had never lost any weight.  So I attach little weight to blood panels in initally diagnosing Lymphoma, alsthough some people are in fact first led toward Lymphoma testing by blood work. It just varies by individual.

    Most doctor correctly assume against blood cancers (Lymphoma and Leukemia are sister diseases, and both are WBC cancers) until the evidence clearly indicates its presence.  CT and PET tests are the most accurate ways to strongly indicate Lymphoma, and only a positive biopsy ever proves it.

    I hope this assists you.  Bottom line: There is no way for anyone to know what is going on with you with the limited information provided thus far.  Hope for the best and investigate for the worst,



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    Max explained it all very well. Just not enough info given for anyone to know. My experience was different than Max. I had a huge mass under my armpit. I lost from 198lbs down to 165. My WBC were down as well as my red blood cells. Interesting enough Max and I had the same type of an extremely rare Lymphoma.

    Everyone has differnet symptoms but you need more information for a diagnosis. With my symptoms it was becoming very clear I also had night sweats and fatigue and short of breath. However, until the CT and the biopsy there was no knowing for sure. The needle biopsy may as Max said show but it will not get you the final diagnosis you need. I had a needle biopsy it did show Lymphoma but was not enough to identify what kind. Saying you have Lymphoma is just the beginning of the search. Knowing the specific kind is critical for knowing how to treat.

    As Max said with the very little info you have given it does not point to Lymphoma. Of course again we are not doctors and it may take more testing or time to verify. Some Lymphoma grows very slow and show very little symptoms. Some lymphoma is found while doing test for other issues and there were no real symptoms.

    Mine had not really bothered me until it must have transformed into a very aggressive type and I ended up with 2 Types of Lymphoma at the same time. One Hodgkins ,one Non Hodgkins and one indolent and one aggressive. It was so rare they sent to 3 labs ended up at National Institute of Health to identify both types.

    Just stay with your Doctors if you feel they are doing a good job. Do not ever feel like you cannot ask them and push for more answers. If you still have doubts get another opinion. I went to 3 oncologist before I finally started treatments. You need to feel confident in your doctors. My oncologist had no issues with me getting 2 more opinions and recommended MD Anderson as an option that I did take. In the end I used the Oncologist I started with because he was local and seemed really concerned and willing to work with MD Anderson on my course of treatment.

    Keep looking and if you get more info or need any help that is what the forum is all about. Sorry right now we are not able to give you a lot of answers.

    Sandy Ray



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    Want peace? Have an entire node out.

    Having an entire node out, unless ruled out by doctor, is the only means of being reasonably certain one way or the other.