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Bone cancer

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I was a very healthy and active person all of my life and last year at the age of 35 I started feeling soreness in my knee and few weeks later I felt a knot on my knee. I went to my doctor and she recommended a MRI. When the results came back she said something was not right and sent me to a bone doctor in Greenville. After meeting that doctor and doing an x-ray he said I needed to see a specialists at Duke hospital. I called Tuesday to make an appointment and they saw me that Thursday. The doctor said he needed to do a bone biopsy to be able to tell me exactly what it was, he thought it was non cancerous and he could remove it the day of the biopsy but after starting the bone biopsy he saw it was cancer and closed me up. It took about two weeks to get the results and it felt like eternity. The doctor said it was called high grade osteosarcome bone cancer and I would have to do chemo and surgery but first they needed to do a Pet scan to make sure it had not spread. The great news was it had not so I began 2 of the strongest doses of chemo available. I had 3 treatments then surgery and during surgery they cut my bone out from above my knee to a little before my ankle and replaced it all with titanium. I did really good after surgery but then I had to do 3 more rounds of chemo which I thought was going to kill me. I made it through and now a year later I still only have about 30 - 40% usage of my leg. I am very thankful that I have made it through but am having a hard time with the limitations I have. If anyone has been through this please let me know how.long it took you to get usage out of your leg again or if you never did and what your limitations are now. I have been trying to find people I  would talk to that have been through this and I can't. 

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