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CAR-T Cancer Approach Has Surprising Success in Multiple Myeloma

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Doctors are reporting unprecedented success from a new cell and gene therapy for multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that's on the rise. Although it's early and the study is small -- 35 people -- every patient responded and all but two were in some level of remission within two months. In a second study of nearly two dozen patients, everyone above a certain dose responded. (source: MMDevelopments.org)

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That's wonderful to hear that more people can be helped.  My mother died of multiple myeloma about 10 years ago.  At that time we had heard there were a lot of promising treatments, just not in time to help my mom.

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It's great to get a layman's summary of some results from the research literature. But it would be really helpful if you could provide a pointer to the original reference, i.e., the full URL.  A pointer to (source: MMDevelopments.org) wasn't very helpful because (1) that site no longer exists.  Typing in that link returned a GoDaddy.com parking page. (2) Even if the MMDevelopments.org did exist,  your reference didn't tell where on the site I could find more details about the original study.

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Here’s a url to info on CAR T Cell Therapy and multiple myeloma, although I am not sure it references the specific study that the OP referred to:  https://www.cancer.gov/news-events/cancer-currents-blog/2017/car-t-cell-multiple-myeloma.  You can also find further info by Googling “CAR T Cell Therapy and Multiple Myeloma.”

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I'm on my 9th month of Opdivo treatments and all is good and I take my third pet scan in 3 weeks and looking for the all clear. other than itchy back and a little tired after all I'm 81 and pleased so far with the treatment.

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