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My husband has been diagnosed with Extranodal Marginal Zone NHL, Stage 1. Found in the tonsil, he had his right tonsil removed. Doctor has recommended 15 rounds of IGRT radiation, with side effects of sore throat, and loss of saliva, fatigue. Anyone have had this type radiation for neck? Oncologist says this is a slow growing cancer with good prognosis, although probably not curable. No sign of any other cancer after CT scans and bone marrow biopsy, skin biopsy, blood work, and he is actually feeling quite well now. Thoughts and experiences about side effects?


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    When I developed my second cancer, Prostate, I considered IGRT radiation as a cure, but later decided on surgical removal.

    Many Stage I Lymphomas are treated first-line with just radiation. IGRT is an extremely precise technology with good outcomes, usually.  The probable side-effect you listed are the most likely ones that might result.   It sounds reasonable to me, but I have not had IGRT myself, as noted.  I know that a goodly number of folks with Lymphomas in the neck, throat, and orbits (eye sockets) have been radidated over the years, and I hope they share with you.


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    Radiation to Throat

    Hello Sable1416,

    I would recommend you also post your question on the throat cancer site for more input to your question.  All the side effects you mentioned are possible.  There also is the loss of teeth, due in part to the loss of salivary glands, which is also a known side effect to throat and mouth radiation.  Good luck in making this decision and kuddos to reaching out to this site for further information.