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5 Years

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Tomorrow (June 28) marks my official 5 years from when I had my liver resection done.  As I have been told by the liver specialists, oncologist, and other doctors that 5 years is a big deal.  Plus the fact that I was stage 4.  I had my lab, CT, and oncologist visit last Tuesday and everything looked great.  My oncologist said that there is no more protocol for him to follow, and that he does not have anything to go by.  I asked if it would be alright if I saw him in 1 year if nothing for my peace of mind and if the insurance would accept that.  He agreed with my thinking and said that is a good plan.  He has me doing just labs in 6 months and again in 1 year with a follow with him after. 

It is always good to go to the clinic and see the nurse and doctor with a smile on their face.  They are always so bubbly when I arrive and talk with me.  As it is a bright spot in their day, which is normally gloom for them.  I still recall the first day meeting the oncologist and he was very mono-tone, did not have much emotion, seemed like I was just another subject heading down the tubes.  But after a few weeks of chemo, his tone changed and he sparked up. My visits were met with enthusiasm and energy.  I seemed to spark an interest in the office and seemed to be their highlight when I showed up.  I felt bad for all the others being hooked up and just “waiting”.  I was more of the notion to be active and keep things fun.  Yeah it was draining at times, but tried to keep my spirits up and keep it fun while I was there. Now the staff is great, treat me very well, happy to see me and I get along with everyone of them very well.  Got to know a bit personally, just because I refused to give up!

So…  I feel great knowing that it has been 5 years already and that I might be able to put this behind me as only a memory.  Seems so long ago, but yet not really (if you know what I mean).  I still recall the day I came home after the liver resection… July 2.. hotter than hell.. miserable, but glad to be home! 

This site was a great asset and of great help for me.  I have returned the favor with my knowledge (or lack of) and experiences.  

I have not been here very often, not because I do not want to be but because my life has gotten back to where it was and am very active.  I try to visit when I can!  Need anything, any questions, suggestions, advice, shoot me a message.  I will certainly try to help out if I can.


Stay positive, never look back, and do more than the doctors ask of you!

Scott from Wisconsin….  Making Stage 4 colon cancer a distant memory!  My quote...  it was no big deal..  my wife's quote.. YES it was, he just does not KNOW it.


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I am so happy to hear your journey. You're a trooper with a positive thinking. I have more respect to people like you. God bless you always.

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Scott -  Congrats on 5 years! Thanks for checking in and sharing it with us. It's great to hear the success stories. It gives us all hope. Just had my first scan after stage 3B LAR surgery, ileostomy, 12 rounds of chemo and NED so hopeful to be on the 5 year+ plan as you! 


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Five years is awesome, Scott, the freedom to worry only about the usual cr*p[bet I can't pass that word either]. I'm almost to three yearsNED, and ten years of "how'd I wind up like this?". I think we all want to be able to go back to the clinic/doctor group and be the one who encourages the medicos by beating the odds, and there you are, planning the moment. Enjoy all of it................................................Dave

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Oh, and Go Packers, this is the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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for sharing your great success.   It's what we all hope for too.  Congrats and happy days to you 

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And you deserve the Happy Dancing Man .

Obviously this forum is here for both the good and the bad, but oh, how much we need these good news posts. I am so very thankful to you for posting this wonderful news. 

We definitely understand your need to leave this place in the past, along with your Cancer diagnosis. Just pop back now and again, and let us know, 6 years, 7, 8, 9 and 10.  May we all be here to celebrate with you. 



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Time for you to take a breath and step back from all of this and just enjoy the moment.  Wonderful news.   Time to do the Happy Dance and be proud of it.

Hugs!  Kim

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we can all get down and depressed sometimes, this is a positive post, with a great outcome. Glad to hear it can be done. 

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Just checking in, and thanks for all the kind words!  In talking with my oncologist, he feels pretty confident in my success and felt okay with a 1 year vist.  As far as the Packer's go..  they still need a little defensive help but they will be fun to watch this year.  The first three weeks will dictate how things will go...  there is hope!  Just more baffled by the Brewer's right now..  who would have thought? 

Good luck to all!


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Five years from a stage IV starting spot is a very big deal.  If you've hung out here like you've said, you know that those folks are unfortunately few and far between.  It's important for those just starting down their road to know that it is in fact possible to beat a bad diagnosis; that there is in fact hope.  Stories like yours are more important to them than you probably know.  I'd suggest you come here when you can and offer that hope to the people just starting their journey, for some of them, that's all they have to cling to and you can help them a great deal with that.  When you say "it was no big deal", you seriously underestimate the power of your story and its ability to benefit folks.

Wishing you decades more clean time,


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How wonderful!  Time for some celebrating!



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Joan M
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I was diagnosed at stage 4 and am especially happy to hear about people beating stage 4 cancer.  It gives hope to those of us fighting the battle. 

I'm surprised they arent following up more frequently that once a year.  How often were you getting scans over the last few years?  

I'm so happy to hear your story, and hope you will share occasionally to bring hope to others.   


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