Neck pain or lumps

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Has anyone else had problems with the feeling that your neck has hard 'lumps' below your ears? I have had that problem for probably a month or so now. Sometimes they can be painful. They do come and go so it's hard to get to the doctor. Now I have a lump in the side of my cheek that is a little sore to the touch but otherwise I don't feel it. You can't see it from the outside or inside of my mouth, I can only feel it when I press on it.


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    Nagging pain in the throat

    I am a thyroid cancer survivor.  I was diagnosed in 2001 and have been cancer-free ever since. I had a full thyroidectomy and radiation treatment. I take levothroid every morning. I just joined this group because I was researching what could be the meaning of this nagging pain that I have deep in my throat on the side of the esophagus. It's not a strong pain. it's just irritating and feels like a lump in my throat. It hurts sometimes upon speaking or swallowing. Sometimes it just hurts while I'm doing nothing at all. I don't know if I'm imagining this but I think my voice seems a little raspyer than usual. Should I have this checked out? I know the answer to that, but I still want to know if anybody out there has had this type of symptom and what came of it. I am feeling a bit nervous. I have continuously followed up with my endocrinologist ever since my diagnosis. Every 6 months I am checked for the thyroid globulin levels and everything always checks out perfect. I'm probably overreacting. Any feedback would be appreciated.