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Colonoscopy on Tuesday

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Hi everyone:  Just wanted to let you know that I'm due for my 3 year colonoscopy on Wednesday.  It used to be 2 years and my last surgeon now said 3 so I'm nervous I've had to wait an extra year.  I'm scared as usual and dreading the doctor's response.  If you pray, please keep me in your prayers that I'm still cancer free.  Every test that we have from a cancer diagnosis is torture as the date arrives for the test and then the results.  All of you are in my prayers daily and hope that this board is strength and help to the newcomers.  I'll let you know on Tuesday how things turned out. 

Hugs!  Kim

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Absolutely! I'm just off to bed and will pray for you. Keep the good news going on here!



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Canadian Sandy
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Prayers coming your way.


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  I have just been thru the same thing . I was supposed to have my last scope at three years. It eventually got done at three years and six months.      They kept telling me that I was low priority. The gastroenterologist asked me straight out what I was worried about. He said that they had kept an excellent check on me and that I should not worry , he said he doubted he would find anything. I gave him a serve and told him that at no time had they taken into account  the extreme aggressiveness of my original cancer. He was not convinced but he was a bit shame faced when he gave me the results . Four polyps , the biggest 11 mmm. He said that they should not grow that fast. They did. They had not turned but all had mild displaysia. I thought about it since and I have to admit that three years should not be time enough for a polyp to become a cancer. Based on that I think you should get thru this just fine. I have been told now that I will never go longer than two years between scopes.. I have evrything crosed for you, Hugs ron.

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I was supposed to be at a 5 year interval, but when you develop anemia, they start scoping at both ends, so 2015 was clear, and I'm good until 2020, unless, of course, something else pops up. I hope by the time you read this, your done and clear, and feeling fine, Kim....................................Dave     Oops, missed the Tues/ Wed. part, but then I don't read the blog as much when I'm sweating tests, I hope your out doing stuff, that's my best way to cope with anxiety, most of the time...................Still Me


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Kim - Scopes, scans and blood tests are so stressful!  I'm anxious just writing this!  Sending positive energy, thoughts and prayers your way...  



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Hi Kim I am so happy to hear your cancer free and I can completely understand the fear. im like you in the fact that I think this board has strength  also In almost through with treatment and hearing your story gives me hope that there is a life after this dark journe. Thank you for sharing. Your in my thoughts and very much in my prayers daily. Keep us updated please. 

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