Brain Fog

I know this is a topic that comes up every so often and I thought I would share something I just read.

Earlier this week I got the July-August issue of Arthiritis Today and one of it's featured articles was "Brain Fog'". The article is about how people with RA and certain other conditions experience brain fog. One of the theories is that corticosteroid drugs like prednisone can upset the balance of certain hormones which can affect the brain. Another theory is that inflammation changes how the brain works and causes the brain fog. The article says that anti-TNF seem to help. I am not sure if any of the anti-TNF drugs are compatible with chemo but the article also talked about other ways to battle the inflammation. the big one was being active about 30 mins a day and use of pro-biotics. I find this last piece interesting since I've notice several other articles about research into gut bacteria in relation to other conditions and also the effect of inflammation on the body. 

This isn't the exact article but here is a couple of links about the subject from the mags web site.



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    Gut Inflamation

    Thanks for the information Lindary.  As a 2 time lymphoma survivor and someone who has RA and 5 other auto-immune diseases I generate a great deal of inflammation.  About 2 1/2 years ago I said enough and decided to go to a total gluten free diet.  I knew I had a hard time digesting gluten but didn't realize just how much it affected everything for me.  I was suffering migraine headaches and occular migraines up to 5, on a daily basis.  I also had extreme GERD.  I was desperate.  Within three weeks my migraines diappeared and my GERD was improving.  Todate I have only had  4 occular migraines, my systemic lymphodema is 75% improved, my RA is improved, my GERD is also so much better.  I am sold on doing whatever it takes to limit imflammation, especially in the gut.  Because of 2 of my auto immune diseases I know I am at increased risk of being diagnosed with another type of lymphoma in the future and that limiting the inflammation may help.  This is just my experience but thought someone might find it helpful.

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    I am glad to hear someone who has had experience with reducing inflammation to improve heath.  You never know what may end up helping .