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Sheila60 Member Posts: 2

Hi Everyone,

I'm new here.  I am 56 and I had my right kidney removed in Sept 2015 due to RCC. There were no other concerns, cancer had not spread. Didn't need radiation or chemo. This was my first ever surgery! I had never even been in the hospital except to have my children. So it came as quite a shock. Cancer was discovered by accident when a Rheumatologist sent me for a full body scan after not being able to diagnos my joint pain. 

My question is, has anyone seen an increase in their cholesterol since a nephrectomy?

Pre surgery (about 5 months prior) my total cholesteral was 178. I just had a test last week and it's 322! They did a whole lipid panel, and all the numbers are Extemely HIgh or Very Low, all in the wrong direction. My triglycerides are really bad as well. 

My blood pressure is low to normal, as it has been all my life. I haven't changed much in the way of diet or excercise, so I'm wondering if the dramatic increase in my numbers has to do with having one kidney. 

 I'm going back to me doctor next week to discuss. My family has a history of heart disease, but interestingly not high cholesterol. I want to be prepared to talk to my doctor about this. I just really feel like this is too much of a coincedence that all my life my numbers were in check, until the kidney issue. Last thing I want is to develop heart disease. 

Thanks for listening and/or sharing your experience in this area.



  • Jan4you
    Jan4you Member Posts: 1,327
    Hi Shiela~

    Hi Shiela~

    Personally, I have not heard of this connection but maybe others here have more information. Seems something has thrown off your numbers.

    Also, there is SmartPatients.com where there are more folks there who may shred some light on this.

    Let us know what you learn. We'll be here for you. Glad the "c" is gone and you are NED (no evidence of disease). So far so good!

    Sending you healing, calming hugs,


  • APny
    APny Member Posts: 1,995
    Yes! I never connected it. My

    Yes! I never connected it. My triglycerides were always normal. And my "good" cholesterol was high. My "bad" was not terrific, but nothing dramatic. Since my surgery the triglycerides and bad cholesterol went up and the good went down. My triglycerides were shocking. Until you posted this I never connected it but couldn't understand how it could have jumped so much when nothing in my diet or lifestyle changed.

  • marosa
    marosa Member Posts: 333
    Hi Sheila!

    Wow, yes! My cholesterol was always very low and since my nepherectomy it has been over 200 and 240.  Not my triglicerides thou.  It has always seemed weird because I mostly eat vegetables, fruits, fish, never eat fried food but yes always a glass of wine like a good frenchman's wife, but otherwise rather healthy food habits!  Had wondered about it, will ask on my next checkup.  If you find out more, let us know!

  • Steve.Adam
    Steve.Adam Member Posts: 463

    My cholesterol is quite high. A bit over 8 here. My doc is obsessed with cholesterol and thinks I will drop dead any minute.

    I googled it and apparently cholesterol can increase after surgery. I haven't tried to verify that.


  • APny
    APny Member Posts: 1,995
    So interesting. And Marosa,

    So interesting. And Marosa, same here. I very rarely eat anything fried. I prefer a lot of veggies, in fact I was vegetarian until I became really anemic and my doc ordered me to eat meat too. Which I do now but certainly not overdo it, sticking to mostly chicken and fish. So don't get the high cholesterol thing.

  • Sheila60
    Sheila60 Member Posts: 2
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    I appreciate everyone's comments. I go back to the doctor tomorrow to discuss. I'll let you know if they figure out any link to the kidney. I'm not hopeful they will. I'm sure doctor is just going to want to get my cholestral under control. I know I don't exercise enough, and that's part of it.

  • Ktmg
    Ktmg Member Posts: 24
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    Stress Does

    I remember seeing a lot of articles showing how stress can raise cholesterol. No doubt you've been under a lot of stress lately. If there is not a bloodwork/ testing reason, then you may want consider a person to help with stress management. A lot of treatement centers have people in house to help with that.