Diagnose problem

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Hi everyone I wish all you and your loved ones luck with your treatments. 

My father had stomach and digestive problems including pain. Until that he had been suffering with gastric ulser and etc. He used some common medicines. When he suffered pain and weight lose his doctor made an endoscopy arrangement so everybody was sure he has stomach cancer and need immediate operation to remove stomach totally but later we find out that cancer already spread liver. Everything is nightmare but within medical standards which we can accept and understand. We were ready to accept chemotherapy and radio therapy but all biopsy reports came without conclusion. Three hospital pathologists applied endoscopy and take samples from stomach. Last time six samples came inconclusive. All reports say it is advised to repeat biopsy. My father's oncologist said that I can't start any treatment without exact diagnose. However still everybody is so sure he has stomach cancer. Oncologist suggested to take sample from liver to diagnose but my father refuse that. And his general condition was better except eating. We did nothing. One week later he had Stomach perforation so he went under surgery. Surgeons said that total gastrectomy was impossible cancer spread whole abdomen and intestines as well liver which we already know from tomography reports. Surgeons took samples from stomach and liver during surgery but they also show nothing. My father general condition is worse now after surgery but he is recovering I hope. But still we can't take any medication for cancer treatment just wait in hospital care. 


I wanted to ask you do you have any idea or anyone experienced this kind of stuff because I don't want to disappoint nobody. I know maybe it is nothing but every inconclusive biopsy report make me more powerful.