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anti-emotics Emend Q: Reduce pretreatment IV dosage before ABVD

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TLDNR: Anyone else successfully reduce their "pre-treatment" anti-emotic w/o issue?

Background: I'm receiving 150mg Emend intravenously before ABVD (3 infusions so far) and would like to reduce Emend dosage due to possible side-effects (neutropenia).
I am also prescribed Zofran tablets but fortunately no issues w/nausea or appetite (very strong). [sidenote: I fast 24-48hrs prior to each infusion]

As mentioned, I do have an issue w/neutropenia (ANC nadir 0.04 two weeks after first treatment which caused my 2nd infusion to be delayed a week. Hence now take 3 neupogen injections (of the 5 originally prescribed). After some back & forth w/Onc. I space the three injections every other day after waiting the initial 72hrs post treatment (I will elaborate if anyone is interested but that is a separate observation).

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I've never heard mention of EMEND causing WBC issues.  I did EMEND in the older pill form in 2010, and Neulasta kept my WBC high the whole six months I was on R-ABVD with no complications.   I would be surprised if EMEND were in fact related to your neutropenia, which virtually everyone on ABVD has.


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