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Head is itchy and scabby while hair is growing back..??

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My last chemo was in December of last year.

My hair is growing back but it's also getting very itchy and scabby.

Has anyone gone through this or going through it now?

If so, any products to reccomend besides the common head and shoulders?

I also have an autoimmune disorder, Sjogren's. It dries the skin and body from within and I'm not sure if this might possibly be the case.

Any info would be appreciated. 

Thank you

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Hi, I understand your frustration and went through a similar issue 37 years ago. I was told I would lose EVERY hair on my head, but I didn't. My mother shaved the remaining hair off of my head and scrubbed the dead skin off. Within about 3-5 days, I had a "5 o'clock" shadow growing evenly and haven't had a problem since. My hair grew back as dark brown--almost black. Prior to all of my chemo, it was light brown. Today, I get a haircut about once a month--only this time, I'm noticing more gray!

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