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Doing the Happy Dance

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Ok, there have been a few people posting fantastic news about their longevity on here which is fantastic. I know I have a ways to go yet before I can join that club, but I think I have maybe one step along that pathway that I wanted to share.

I got  a call from my Dr yesterday and the results of my CAT scan came back all clear. Since the end of my treatment, I now have one clear PET scan and one clear CAT scan. Needless to say at my house we were doing the happy dance yesterday. From a stage 4 to a clear CAT scan is a good day in my books! I know there is a lot of forest left before I'm out of the woods, but one clear scan is a good start.

I thought I would start a happy dance thread for anyone else who would like to share a small victory too. Everything counts where cancer is concerned.

Hope you all have an amazing day too!


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I'm sooo happy for you

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Hooray!!!! I LOVE hearing news like this!! Congratulations!!


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ALLl biopsies were negative for cancer.!!!!   Talk about an over read scan!!    No one could guarantee me what the scans were saying so I decided to proceed with surgery rather than wait the whole summer with this hanging over my head     So I'm happy dancing too.

Now   If I could only get rid of this terrible horrible very bad heart burn that has appeared out of nowhere. 

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Yay for you, too!! Heartburn is crappy. I hope you can get that under control.


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  Here is your Happy Dancing Man. 


May you be posting many more happy posts like this. 


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Canadian Sandy
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Congratulations! I to have had I clear pet and 2 clear ct scans. Next scan in August. I was diagnosed stage 11B then the found distant metastasis in the pelvic lymph nodes. 3 rounds of xeloda and 1 1V  irinotecan seems to have done its job.

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Congratulations and here is hoping the clear scans continue!  Traci

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Hi PamRav - I take pantolac 40mg daily for heartburn - also take first thing in the a.m. before eating. Helps a lot.  Tried to deal with heartburn with Tums, etc but not effective enough.  Good luck to you.

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