Melanoma after Prostate Cancer

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Hello again, I have another question that I dont see in searching here. Research shows a possible connection between prostate cancer and secondary diagnosis of melanoma. It does not appear to be linked with other forms of skin cancer.  Has anyone had a diagnosis of melanoma following PC? Thank you.


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    Can you provide the reference? Possible connections are just that...

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    I did look a bit further into this issue and skimmed a few relevant scientific/medical papers. There may be a (genetic?) connection, but it's almost always impossible to establish a causal relationship.

    ADVICE: It does seem smart to limit exposure to UV light (sunlight) once one has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

    NOTE: This is true even when one has not been diagnosed!

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    a few links

    I've been researching this since last fall, here are just a few.  Possibly androgen related.  Just wondered if any patient on here has experienced this?


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    I was diagnosed with melanoma prior to PCa

    I was diagnosed with Melanoma in August of 2016 and PC in December 2016..  Although at the same time as the Melanoma diagnoses they were watching my PSA.. Had Melanoma removed. Was insuitu (sp) kind early stage..

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    Melanoma Found Post-Prostatectomy

    Trp911, yes, I had diagnosis of melanoma, 3 and half years after I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and underwent a radical prostatectomy.  Neither my dermatologist nor my oncologists - radiation and medical - ever made mention of a possible connection between the 2 types of cancer.  

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    I've never heard mention of a link between melanomia and PCa.  If there is one, it must be extraordinarily rare and tenuous.

    I read an article in the paper about five years ago suggesting that truck drivers are at significantly higher PCa risk than most men, with them theorizing that the constant vibration had some unknown effect. But I would think that lifestyle and most drivers' diets would be more determanitive for truckers.

    The late comedian George Carlin spoofed these linkage theories once, saying that "scientists have now determined that salavia causes stomach cancer, but only when swallowed in small amounts, over many years."  It's almost as sad as the actual truth that testosterone does indeed have a role, not fully understood, in PCa, just as estrogen is a critical factor in breast cancer.