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world turned upside down

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Hi. I hope I am doing this correctly this time. I think I went under someone elses site last try. Thanks Kvdyson for the heads up. I just got my pathology reports back that my endometrial cancer is stage 2-3. Still waiting on 2 more tests. I had my full hysterectomy 10 days ago. Just one month ago I hadn't a care in the world and now that world has been turned upside down. The unknown and the waiting take their toll on your nerves. I know I definitely need follow up care but not sure what exactly yet. (chemo or radiation)

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So sorry you are finding yourself in the situation you are in but so glad you found your way to us- we all know what it feels like to one day be carefree and the next have your world turned upside down!!  It's very unnerving and yes, the waiting is the WORST and that is something that unfortunately goes with every single step of this journey you have begun.  Good news, we are here to wait with you Smile  Please feel free to come here and ask questions, vent, whatever it takes.  There are tons of threads you might want to read up on once you have more information about the treatment plan that is put in place.  You will find that once you have that treatment plan, things will tend to start moving along more smoothly- at least that's what I found. 

10 days isn't long- hope you are recovering well.  Keep us posted.   (((HUGS)))

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Thank you Nellasing for your kind words. I know I will return. It is so nice to communicate with people who have already gone through and survived what I am about to embark on. My recovery from my surgery is going remarkably wellSmile I am almost afraid to say that out loud.

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Believe me when I say that we truly understand. Getting a diagnosis like this can make it seem like your whole world comes to a stand-still for a while.

It's good that you have a copy of your pathology report for your file. If there are any other surgery or radiology reports, you may want to get copies of those, too. They may come in handy if you ever decide to get a second opinion as you move forward.

Did the pathology report mention the type or grade of uterine cancer? My diagnosis was uterine carcinosarcoma, stage 1b, grade 3. Your treatment ("standard of care") will depend on the type, stage and grade. For me, treatment after surgery (TAH-BSO with 14 lymph nodes excised) was 6 rounds of chemo (Ifex/Mesna/Taxol) with 28 external radiation treatments "sandwiched" between the 3rd and 4th rounds of chemo. Recuperating from surgery was the toughest part for me. I have been NED ("no evidence of disease") since the end of treatment just over a year ago.

It's wonderful to hear that you are recovering from surgery so quickly! Stay hopeful that the rest of this journey will go just as well. Good luck to you and keep us posted on how you are doing! Kim

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Sorry you had to joining this club but this is the place to be.  Lots of women on here can give history of their journeys and the been there done that information.  Hopefully, you have a gynecologist onocalogist dr and/or going to a good cancer treatment center.  It took me a month to heal enough before I started chemo treatment.  Grade 3 Stage 3C1 Carcinoma Sarcoma Uterine Cancer in 2011.  I am now almost 6 years No Evidence of Disease (NED).  

Godd Luck with your journey. trish

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Just spoke with my Dr. There is a tiny patch of cancer cells outside the uterus where the fallopian tube had been rubbing. I say tiny but in this case does the size even matter? The cells are thereUndecided I will be needing chemo and radiation. Not sure when I will be starting. Still testing the nodes for a possible underlying infection of some sort. also I need to be fully recovered from surgery. It's been 12 days. I know I am in good hands. I live 45min south of Boston MA. I am going to Dana Farber, which is a cutting edge clinical hospital. Can't wait for the day to say I am NED! For now though I can only take it day by day.

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