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New here and have Kidney surgery July 24th

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i recently had a diagnosis of a 4.5 cm unidentified mass on left kidney after having kidney stone removal. Doc isn't sure it is cancer; he said it is 50/50. Also, he isn't sure that it will be a partial or total operation, or laparoscopic or open. He won't know until he does the procedure. Boy am I scared!

first time at 55 years old of this kind of experience. Would someone who has been through this kindly share so I can start to get a grip on what to expect. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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You were in the same situation as I was 15 years ago although partials were not being done than. It was scheduled as a lap with a possable game time change to open which did not happen. At 4.5 cm it is probably on the large side for a partial, but that is up to the doctor. So far no one has volunteered for our club. The surgery is no fun, but absent the unexpected you should have a good recovery and prognosis. I had just turned 59 when I was nephed.



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This is my first post and I am scared and hoping for the best.

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My cancer was through an incidental find this March .My surgeon knew it was cancer and had done hundreds of procedures. It would be confirmed by pathology report post o p. If its benign your lucky and live with just a scare. If its cancer you need to educate yourself about different treatments. There is a great source of info on this forum to answer your questions and concerns. Research past posts and ask any questions ... It will probably be answered quickly.  Take a breath, try and relax, there are many long time survivors here who have helped scared people like us.

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Nice to meet you.

Reading through some old threads is probably a great way to learn about others' experiences. You can follow individuals from diagnosis to recovery.

I am 55 in August and had a radical right nephrectomy and that was 4.5 months ago.  I am feeling great now and expect to be cancer free in future.


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for sharing. I am trying to get my head around all of this. I still am dealing with a kidney stone and the symptoms from it. I appreciate everyone's input. It is no small thing to have to deal with this. I have a very supportive family, and that does help a lot. Thank you.

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I'm so sorry you have to be here but it's a great place for support. We've all been where you are: scared, anxious, you name it. I definitely think you should get a second opinion, preferably from someone who specializes in kidney cancer and nephrectomies. Depending on where yours is located, a partial may be performed, and if possible, would be the best option. Open or lap is irrelevant IMO. I know many people advocate lap as easier, less painful, quicker to heal, but I had an open partial and my recovery was no different from those who had lap. I spent two nights in the hospital and was up and walking the evening of the surgery. So it's not necessarily true that an open is worse or a lap is better. Find out all your options before going through the surgery. All the very best to you!

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