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Surgery Issue

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i had surgery back on May to remove a small grade 1 stage pt1a tumor from my right kidney.  The pathology report stated "the disruption of the tumor may be caused by tearing during surgery".  Has anyone else ever had this, I have asked my surgeon about it, and he doesn't seem to be concerned. What I am concerned about is that some cancer cells spill out during surgery.

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This may be a reach, but I kinda have a similar issue.  I thought my surgery went well...until I got my pathology report.  The gap between parts of the good tissue and the tumor was very close.  In fact the pathology report said I had microscopic positive margins on a small part of the speciment.  This freaked me out so I contacted the surgeon right away.  One of the members of the surgical team talked to me and said that they weren't concerned with the positive margins because they believed that during the cutting procedure, the burning process would have killed any remaining cancer cells.  I'm still a little nervous about this, so I've pushed for a more agressive scanning timeline.  I will receive scans every 6 months for three years then annually after that.  I guess I'm putting my trust in their experience and this scanning approach.  If something does come back we should catch it early.

Good luck to you,


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Joined: May 2016

I have asked my surgeon about it and he says no, it's fine.  I am having follow ups every 6 months.  My margins were clear and then an argon beam was used to kill anything that might have been left.  Mine was 1.2 cm.

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