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CT scan

olliepeon Member Posts: 1

Hi All,

A few days ago I was sent to the ER due to my Ulceriative Colitis. During this time, they took a CT scan of my abdomen, which not only confirmed my UC flare-up but also a 1.6cm lesion on my kidney as well as an ovarian cyst. The ER doctor did not even bother to tell me about the lesion or cyst, just that I was inflamed and I needed to see my UC specialist. When I got home, I read the report and now I am extremely concerned.

Has this ever happened to anyone before? I am worried about what this lesion could possibly be. 


  • icemantoo
    icemantoo Member Posts: 3,357 **
    As far as the Kdney


    As far as the Kidney you will likely be referred to a Urologist. At 1.6 cm it is very small . If as you fear it could be Kidney Cancer it is nearly 100%  curable at that size. You are not there yet and you may not have to join our club. Follow up and there is a possability that they may want to watch ad wait and take anothr CT in 3 or 6 months.




  • beemurguia
    beemurguia Member Posts: 57
    I agree with Icemantoo!!!

    I agree with Icemantoo!!! What a blessing to have found the lession at this size...easy to treat and very good prognosis when its this small. Follow up with a Urologist.  Good luck! Keep us posted.