Today's scan.

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im Ned. I think the doc was surprised I knew that term.


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    Now wasn't the scan worth it.

    Now wasn't the scan worth it.




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    Good news!

    Congratulations, CR.  Enjoy!



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    Great news

    Make sure to be a good friend with Mr NED 


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    I am so glad to hear this

    I am so glad to hear this news, enjoy life!

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    Glad to hear it.

    Glad to hear it.

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    Good news, Crash.

    Good news, Crash.


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    Great news :)

    Happy to here It


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    Awesome news. I hope you

    Awesome news. I hope you thanked NED and sent him on his way to spread more good news.

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    YEY!!!!! That is wonderful

    YEY!!!!! That is wonderful news!!!

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    for the news on the scan.  Now, don't dissapoint the rest of us by neglecting to get ones in the future.


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    Awesome Awesome News!

    Amazing news! Love when I read these good stories! I go for my first scans tomorrow. I am actually feeling pretty good about it. I was scared as crap last week and the week before but for some reason I have a sense of calmness over me and I feel good about it all. So enjoy your news of NED! Go do someting extra fun!

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    Great to hear! Happy for you.

    Great to hear! Happy for you.

    Ambava,all the best with yours!

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    stay that way

    now don't skip future scans.

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    Great news!!  Be sure to stay

    Great news!!  Be sure to stay on top of this, keep up your regular scans.  Go celebrate.  I think pizza, beer and sports is the way  some do it here.

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    Okay now!!

    Okay now!!

    Continue with the post  RCC protocol

    Hugs, Jan

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    Uncle Ned...

    Enjoys getting to visit his nieces and nephews. Keep up the good work!

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    Great news

    Great news

    What a pleasant post

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    A bit late to the party

    A bit late to the party (travelling :-)) Congrats, kisses and hugs! Best feeling ever!