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A week vacation from Cabo

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Well went to doctor on Monday and he wasnt happy because of all the side effects I'm having.  Also I lost 15 lbs since last months visit.  He told me to take a week off the Cabo since it's kicking my butt!  He's concerned with the weight loss, I told him I have no appetite at all and everything I eat taste metallic.  He's sending me to a nutritionist tomorrow, I don't know what she is going to be able to do.  I mean I do eat, just because I know I have to eat.  No scan till August so I don't know if Cabo is working, doctor said blood counts were good.

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Dang for the this side effect. Hope you can get enough nutrition. Do you try to drink those nutritional supplements?

Any other ideas?

Hope this improves soon. May your vacation from CABO helps.

Sending you gentle, healing hugs,


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Maybe a vacation TO Cabo would help boster your appetite  :-)  

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I had the same metallic taste with Cabo for a while. If it makes you feel any better, it did eventually go away. The Ensure drinks helped a lot.

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