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Asbestos over exposed and kidney cancer

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I have been lable as over exposed to asbestos by the VA. Have junk in my chest, problems of getting tired. No cancer but have it in my kidney. They are going to do a partial on the kidney cancer. My asbestos in my lungs bother me the worse because it could of been prevented. It took 42 years to get me. The cancer in the kidney is not connected to the asbestos they told me. I am new and read some and my wife and daughter I worry the most about. I do have anger too.

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Whether or not Kidney Cancer is caused by asbestos is anybody's guess. I have seen discussions suggesting agent orange is a factor. The fact that they are doing a partial suggests that your tumor is on the small side and those are generally cured by surrgery.



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Yes a little bigger than a silverdollar.

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