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Treatment after surgery

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I just wanted to get an input on what the next step of treatment would be for my husband.  Left kidney removed and 10 radiation treatments to a met in sacrum area.  He sees a medical oncologist later this month.

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Hello! Sorry to hear about your husband, I hope he is feeling better since surgery.  It all depends on treatment.  Does he have any other mets? What was the grade and stage of cancer?  If need be, there are a lot of new meds out there that are working great! There are immunotherapies, Votrient, Keytruda, and many others.  Be sure to see an oncologist that deals specifically with kidney cancer, this way he is on top of all of the new treatments.  My mom who is now 85, was stage 4 and has been on Votrient for 5 years.  Thankfully she has been NED and stable.  The new drugs allow people to live with cancer and treat it like a chronic disease. You should also join smartpatients.com. That sight has many people in the medical know and can help you with treatments geared towards  your husband situation. All the best to you and the family! Hugs!

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