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Scans - Feel something before it shows up?

todd121 Member Posts: 1,448

I've asked my doctor a few times now. As far as I've noticed he's never answered this question. I'm on a 3-month scan schedule. Is it possible I could feel something before they would see it on a scan? Maybe it's a vague question, or he doesn't like giving me the complicated answer, or the answer isn't reassuring?

When I was on a 6 month scan schedule, I did feel something before it showed up. When they looked back to my previous scans it was there but they had missed it because it was a very small change.

The point is I've been having rib pain for 2 weeks. My 3-month scan is coming up in 3 weeks. I don't remember doing anything to injure myself. On the other hand, I notice at my age I do injure myself without noticing it more often than I did when I was younger. Normal activities also sometimes cause injuries.

Another thing annoying me at the moment. The order that goes in for my scans is usually 3 month before the scans. However, my appointment to review the scan and physical is always after the scan. It means if I have an area that is causing me a problem. the radiologist doesn't get a note to pay special attention to a certain area. I'm working on getting that addressed. I know in the past I've told the technician, but I've never been sure the technician actually relayed the information to the radiologist.

This pain has been pretty persistent and the anxiety of the idea my cancer is back has been really taking up some of my attention the past few days. I'm not letting it consume me like it used to, but it does demand some attention and I would rather not have it interering with my life since I know it does no good. Still, I'm grateful it's not all-consuming like it used to be.

So grateful to see you all here and know this place is here for support. I try to pop in now and then and offer some also. I read a lot without commenting because I either don't know the answer or just don't want to post a "me too" post.

Best to you all,



  • Hd67xlch
    Hd67xlch Member Posts: 151
    Rib pain............

    Im 3 weeks aways from scans, and always seen to have rib pain . In my case though the rib pain is from the thorectomies  Ive had. I used to just have rib pain on the right side, then I had that 2nd thorectomy on the left side and now I have equall pain on both sides. At least thats my theory, but who knows getting old and still doing physical work isnt helping me much. I notice when Im up and down ladders at work my side/ rib pain is alot worse that night, pretty sure its just from using/stretching the cut up muscles in my chest. Good luck on the scans and try not to worry about it

  • sblairc
    sblairc Member Posts: 585
    My husband had the cancer, I get all the pains!!

    Lately I seem to get pains wherever I hear someone else has pain, lol!! 

    I get your concern. Our oncologist explained that by the time you "feel" mets they are usually quite painful and unrelenting. I get rib pain a lot, I think there is a muscle/tendon or some sort near the ribs  that is know for getting aggravated a lot. I bet that is just it! 

    Hope you are well. 

  • APny
    APny Member Posts: 1,995
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    I'm always finding bruises

    I'm always finding bruises that I don't remember how I got. I think it's true that we often hurt ourselves and pay no attention to it or don't remember doing. I think that's what happened with you. I totally get the concern though. Hugs!

  • pamstayner
    pamstayner Member Posts: 111
    Now my rib hurts too

    Todd, I think I am now a hypocondriack ( I have trouble spelling... brain met ! )  I am just short of 5 years since diagnosis of RCC, and just past 3 years treating stage 4... and I used to have all sorts of pains, worries, etc before scans. (and until I get results) 

    Today, I only had to hear of yours, and my rib hurts.. So, since I seem so sensitive to your same pain... I will look for your results to see if it is worth sharing that rib pain with you..  

    Seriously, I think even though we begin to "forget" about the ever present vortex of cancer tying up our thoughts, and the routine of scans beginning to become "normal" stuff... the underlying brick wall stays intact... and the uncertainty of what if's starts to sneek back in our minds. Please, just quickly think of the rest of us... in boat along side you, share the same thoughts... it's okay... let the rest of us help out too.  



  • foxhd
    foxhd Member Posts: 3,181

    You always have aches and pains prior to your scans. Your scans always are good.  On the other hand I've known of tumors months before they've been found by tests.

  • todd121
    todd121 Member Posts: 1,448
    foxhd said:


    You always have aches and pains prior to your scans. Your scans always are good.  On the other hand I've known of tumors months before they've been found by tests.


    You've felt tumors months before they've shown up on scans? Well, I did have one ache/pain that turned out to be a met and I felt it before they saw it on the scan. Otherwise, yeah, I've had aches/pains that weren't related to tumors. In the beginning I thought it was maybe related to the nephrectomy, or later to the adrenalectomy, but so far no other tumors than the one met.

    This time, turns out, nothing showed up on the scan either.

    I'm ok with being wrong. :) In this case.



  • stub1969
    stub1969 Member Posts: 933 **
    I've been waiting

    for news on the results of your scans, Todd.  I'm so glad you had another all clear.  Wonderful news!


  • foroughsh
    foroughsh Member Posts: 779
    I'm very happy that you were

    I'm very happy that you were wrong Todd

    Enjoy NED report


  • JerzyGrrl
    JerzyGrrl Member Posts: 760
    I feel all kinds of things before...

    I feel all kinds of things before they show up on scans. Heck, I even feel things that will NEVER show up on scans. So yes... And no...

    Here's to good scans - lots of 'em!

  • Allochka
    Allochka Member Posts: 974
    Ola from Portugal (we are

    Ola from Portugal (we are travelling here at the moment) . NED news will make our last day in Lisbon even more exciting! Congrats!!!